Drawing Documentation

The Detailed Component Drawings are fleshed out to generate a comprehensive set of AutoCAD Details that will be used in the manufacture of the components and build up of the store.

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Conceptual Design

We developed the Design Concept according to your brief. Most small scale Conceptual Design is handled in-house, but for larger projects we engage and manage independent high level designers under our banner, who are handpicked to suit specific project requirements.

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Costing & Procurement

Conceptual Design, Detailing and Prototyping all happen in-house. We can tailor the components related cost to suit your budget. We directly source all of the store components, including the shopfitting materials, fittings, fixtures, and all of the standard equipment.

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Project Management

We are responsible for the preparation and coordination of the project program, ensuring regular site meetings with the relevant parties to ensure that the scheduled project timeline remains on track.

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